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ISM Proudly Sponsors The Black Pudding Throwing Championships 2019

Black Pudding Throwing

ISM Waste & Recycling are proud to sponsor the upcoming 2019 Black Pudding Throwing Championships in Ramsbottom on the 8th September.

People from all over travel to Ramsbottom to take part in the annual event, which sees competitors hurl the local delicacy onto a 20ft-high plinth in a bid to dislodge as many Yorkshire puddings as possible.

Participants get three attempts each to knock down as many Yorkshires as possible, with only underarm throws permitted.

Black pudding throwing is believed to date back to the War of the Roses, where legend has it that during the final battle in Stubbins in 1445, the troops ran out of ammunition and resorted to throwing food at each other.

Black pudding was thrown by the Lancashire troops, while Yorkshire pudding were thrown by their counterparts.

The unique tradition was revived by Stubbins Community Trust in the 1980s and has been a popular event for many ever since.

Take part in the Black Pudding Throwing Championships, Sunday 8th September 2019.

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