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Waste Transfer Station & Recycling Centre

What is a Waste Transfer Station?

A waste transfer station is an industrial facility where municipal solid waste is stored provisionally before its eventual journey to a landfill site if the waste can't be recycled, a waste-to-energy facility or before being transported to be recycled. Typically a waste transfer station is where the unloading of a trucks waste and contents takes place. This is then followed by pre-screening and removal of hazardous and unsuitable items ready for a secure and safe disposal and recycling process. We opened our brand new £5 million waste treatment and recycling facility in Ramsbottom on the 21st of February 2014. The plant currently processes a wide range of commercial and industrial waste types that are be sorted into their various commodities for further processing and recycling.

Refuse collection truck tipping in the waste transfer station
Tipping Facilities

Waste Transfer Station for All Waste Types

Many waste types will be recovered or recycled through a combination of ballistic separators, over band magnets, flip flop screens, trommels, wind shifters and eddy current separators. Our state-of-the-art, modern waste transfer station is designed for a quick and efficient process. After segregation, the various fractions will be re-processed, and the residual waste will be further shifted into their heavy and light fractions and once sorted, these light fractions will be used in waste to energy plants. The overall effect will reduce our reliance on landfill, and we encourage you to come along to see it in action. Our Waste Transfer Station meets all the latest Environmental Agency requirements. The site is also equipped with a 44-tonne weighbridge along with bunded, hazardous waste, quarantine area and green waste area.

Third-Party Tipping in Our Waste Transfer Station

Our Waste Transfer Station is available for use by private and national waste contractors. Local authorities regularly use it, blue-chip waste management companies, builders and construction companies, skip hire companies, 'man in van' companies, waste producers, general waste producers and dry mixed recycling. For more information about utilising our waste transfer get in touch for more details.

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Come and See for Yourself

We actively encourage our customers to see what happens to their waste and how the process works from the collection to recycling. We extend the opportunity for you to visit our site before you make a decision to appoint us as your waste management provider or if you want to use our facilities for tipping.