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ISM Waste & Recycling History

  • ISM was established in 1965 as a family run business by John Allen (Snr) in Ramsbottom, specialising in the removal of machinery and scrap metal from factories.

    Ramsbottom in 1965 when ISM was established
  • Back in the 1970s, we recognised the benefits recycling had on the environment and were one of the first companies to develop our own onsite Materials Recycling Facility.

    Photograph taken in 1970 of ISM
  • Our decision to build our Waste Transfer Station in the early '80s came with the introduction of the Landfill Directive and the move away from landfill. This became the jewel in the crown of our business as it allowed waste to be sorted and processed much more quickly.

    Truck in waste transfer station
  • Development on our new £250,000 office buildings including our transport and weighbridge office. The new facilities play an essential role in the day to day operation of the business.

    Development on our new £250,000 office buildings
  • In 2014 we extended our material recycling facility to increase capacity for recycling and install our state-of-the-art picking line. Our new facilities allowed us to improve our recycling rates to 90% of the waste that we collect.

    New expansion of our material recycling facility
  • We celebrated our 50th year in business. Since 1965 we have developed a lot as a company, with the every changing waste management industry we continue to adapt and invest in providing the best and most environmentally friendly waste management services.

    ISM chainlift and hooklift trucks
  • At ISM Waste & Recycling, we pride ourselves on having the greenest vehicles in the waste management industry. In 2022 we added a brand new Volvo FM and FMX truck equipped with the latest Euro 6 engines to our fleet. Our state-of-the-art fleet of trucks helps to minimise fuel consumption and our carbon impact.

    ISM's brand new 2022 Volvo FMX and FM 
  • Today we provide our waste management services to many customers throughout the North West of England from local businesses to large industrial blue-chip companies. Our Services include waste collection and treatment, hazardous waste disposal, confidential waste disposal, incineration and recycling.

    ISM REL Truck

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