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Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) Collections

All-In-One Recycling Solutions

Simple Solutions for all Commercial Recycling Needs

Dry mixed recycling collections are a straightforward solution for managing recyclables in the workplace. There's no need to separate different recyclables or worry about putting things in the wrong bins, all of your recyclables go in the same container to make the most hassle-free solution possible.

  • Competitive Pricing
  • 240 litre bins up to 40 yard skips
  • Professional & reliable collections
Rear End Loading Skip Collection
Wheelie Bin Collection at Customers Site

What are the Advantages of Dry Mixed Recycling?

Save Money! Dry mixed recycling is a great way to lower your waste disposal costs; it's far cheaper than general waste collections. Diverting waste from landfill means you avoid landfill taxes.

Easy Solution! All of your recyclables go in one container; there's no need to worry about putting things in the wrong bin.

Environmentally Friendly! Diverting waste from landfill sites is more important than ever. Sustainable waste management protects the environment for the future. Dry mixed recycling is a zero-landfill service.

Good for Business! Recycling is good for the image of your business. People want to buy from and work with green companies.

Waste Container for Dry Mixed Recyclables

Wheelie Bins

Container for smaller quantities of dry mixed recycling.

Large Wheelie Bins

Skips and REL Skips

Reduce your collections with larger waste containers.

Skips and REL skips

Roll on/off Containers

For companies producing large quantities of DMR.

Roll on roll off container

What Happens to Your Mixed Recycling?

Once we collect the mixed recyclables from a customers site, it is transported to our material recycling facilities in Bury for processing. The materials then pass through our state-of-the-art recycling facility where they are separated into different materials. The individual types of recyclables are then distributed to reprocessing plants where the materials are turned back into a product to be used by manufacturers. This is how recyclables start their second life.

These recycled materials can then be found in plenty of different products such as pens, newspapers, computer parts, aluminium cans, car parts, furniture and many other products.

Recycling Facilities Where Materials Are Separated for Reprocessing

What Can Go in Dry Mixed Recycling Bins?

Clean and dry recyclables accepted in dry mixed recycling:

  • Paper - e.g. dry waste paper, office & printer paper, newspapers, magazines
  • Cardboard - e.g. corrugated cardboard, cereal boxes, cardboard boxes
  • Metal - e.g. clean and empty aluminium drink cans and food cans
  • Plastic - e.g. packaging films, empty drinks bottles, plastic trays, rinsed milk containers, plastic pots

What Is Prohibited in Dry Mixed Recycling Bins?

Examples of materials that contaminate DMR:

  • Food waste and containers with food or food residue.
  • Clinical/sanitary waste.
  • Hazardous waste - e.g. electrical items, batteries and liquids
  • General waste

Contaminated dry mixed recycling is a waste of valuable recyclable resources. For more information about services for waste types that can't go in DRM see our general waste services.

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