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The Future of Recycling

Prioritising Recycling for a More Sustainable Future

Recycling is not a new concept to us, at ISM Waste & Recycling. We have had a long-standing focus on recycling and diverting waste away from unsustainable landfill sites. Recycling has long been our priority and our chosen method for a long time to ensure our customers have the most environmentally friendly waste management solutions possible. Not only do we help our customers become more environmentally friendly, but by recycling, we help reduce their waste disposal costs significantly. Reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill and not having to pay the high and ever-increasing landfill tax is essential. We find this is an excellent way of providing an affordable waste management solution for all of our customers.

Waste Management and Recycling Facilities
Waste Ready for the First Stages of the Recycling Process

Recycling All Types of Waste

We saw the potential of waste recovery in the 1970s when we constructed our Materials Recycling Facility (MRF). Our vision and the passage of time has yielded a great deal of experience and provided many opportunities to divert waste away from traditional methods of landfill. Our facilities have come a long way since then. We now have a state-of-the-art, fully integrated MFR within our Waste Transfer Station. The plant provides both disposal and recycling facilities for other waste management companies and producers who choose to dispose of their own waste as well as waste generated from our collection service. The plant has the ability to process a wide variety of recyclables including cardboard, paper, wood, aluminium, steel and glass.

We Recycle Over 90% of Waste

Today we find that we are recycling more and more waste, either on a dedicated transport basis direct from customers' premises or by waste segregation, which takes place in our recycling facilities. This is of particular interest to waste producers who find themselves unable to attract independent recyclers due to the small volumes of recyclables they produce. This goes hand in hand with the fact that waste producers often find it uneconomical to segregate the waste at source usually resulting with no alternative but to dispose of waste and recyclables into the same skip or bin only to see it destined for landfill sites. Of course, we see things somewhat differently, and the fundamental advantage of the ISM system over more conventional operations is that we can collect both waste and recyclables in one go.

Baled Cardboard Ready for Recycling
Different Types of Waste Being Separated

Simple Recycling Solutions for All Needs

Producers do not need to separate recyclables prior to collection - all segregation can take place at our MRF. Not having to segregate waste helps avoid the need for multiple handling at source, which saves the customer both time and labour costs and the need for separate containers which often restrict the customer's site. The major advantage is that we can recycle these small amounts. Lots of small amounts make large amounts, and the economies of scale make the figures stack up to segregate. These benefits often cascade back down the line to our customers in the way of credits, free collections, or lower disposal charges. This equates to environmentally sound practice and in turn, ensures we have a competitive edge in the market place.

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