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Bob the builder bites the dust at ISM Waste Recycling

Can we trash him? Yes we can!

ISM were chosen as the preferred waste management contractor to seal Bob's fate as the TV set including costumes etc. were sent for crushing and destruction at their materials recycling facility at Ramsbottom.

The popular TV stage set underwent complete obliteration before being recycled in their modern waste processing facility.

Peter Allen director at ISM Waste & Recycling said... Let's face it it's not every day you get to wipe out Bob, Wendy, Pilchard, Scoop, Dizzy, muck & Roley .. I could go on and on but you will only call me a saddo! Although I must say I got great delight seeing that half wit Bernard Bentley - The building inspector and later Mayor of Sunflower Valley go through the crusher.

And before you start wondering what happed to 'skip' the yellow skip carrier that belonged to J.J. well he was spared the fate and he's now on our collection fleet!

He, stated it fair to say this is one of the more 'colourful' jobs we've done recently and certainly an unusual one as far as confidential waste goes. So there you have it Bob the builder is no more or is he?

Well given that there was at least three of his heads and hard hats in the load it's hard to imagine that he hasn't been reincarnated for another day in a TV studio somewhere.

ISM said our heart felt apologies go out to all the adult Bob the builder fans who apart from 'getting a life' can take some comfort that no real persons or animals were hurt in the course of this Job.

But for now ISM can safely say. "Can we trash him? Yes we can!"