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Posted: 12th August 2021

How to Safely Dispose of Hazardous Waste and Comply with Legislation

As a business, you need to make sure any hazardous waste produced or handled by your company causes no harm to people or the environment.

If you have the required licences, this can be done by yourself or by an external licenced waste management provider.

Often people don't realise that everyday items in our places of work fall into the hazardous/specialist waste category. Typical items include batteries, cleaning products, paints, aerosols, printer cartridges and electrical items.

How is Hazardous Waste Defined?

Waste is classed as hazardous under environmental legislation when it contains substances or has properties that can be harmful to human health or the environment. This does not necessarily mean it is an immediate danger to human health; however, some hazardous waste can be.

Which Waste Types are Hazardous?

Examples of hazardous waste include:

  • Asbestos (white asbestos is the most common)
  • Chemicals (e.g. paint and cleaning chemicals)
  • All types of batteries
  • Solvents
  • Pesticides
  • Oils (does not include edible & cooking oils)
  • Equipment containing ozone-depleting substances (e.g. fridges)
  • Electrical products

Many of these items are commonplace at work, and it's important they are managed in the correct way.

What Happens if Your Business is Not Compliant?

Incorrect management of hazardous waste in the UK can result in substantial fines, prosecution, and even imprisonment. Hence why it's essential to have a waste management solution that disposes of hazardous waste safely and in line with your duty of care.

Need Help with Your Hazardous Waste?

If you want peace of mind that your hazardous waste is managed responsibly by a fully licenced waste management company, call us on 01706823001 to enquire find out more about our hazardous waste services. We're always happy to help, and we can answer any questions you may still have.

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