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Jodie's Not Your Average Trucker

Jodie Allen has become one of the youngest female lorry drivers

Nineteen-year-old Jodie Allen has become one of the youngest female lorry drivers in the country.

She has just passed her LGV C+E driving test - joining an elite and select group of women who can drive vehicles up to 44 tonnes.

Jodie works in administration and credit control for her family's ISM waste management company in Ramsbottom, and has harboured a desire to drive lorries for a long time. She has grown up watching her father John, uncle Peter and then elder brother Paul, aged 24, drive for the business. So, she decided to join the boys.

The teenager, said:
"It is something that I always wanted to do." "I didn’t think being a girl could stop me. My older brother now has to let his little sister drive his 40 tonne truck." "None of my girlfriends drive lorries and it is a real talking point when people ask what I do for a living. But, for me, it is something that I love and have grown up around with the family business."

Jodie took her LGV C in August last year and then went onto pass her C+E. She was instructed by David Coupe, director at Atherton-based Transport Training Academy and colleague Kevin Higgins.

Mr Coupe said:
"In my 13 years teaching LGV drivers, I have not taught any female LGV C+E drivers. Jodie picked it up so quickly; she gained both her C and C+E in less than a year. "Jodie took only 26 hours of driving lessons to gain her LGV C+E, which is exceptional. We knew after around six hours of instructing her she could do it. As far as we know she is definitely one of the youngest, if not the youngest female to pass at this level. We are immensely proud to have helped her on her way."

It is believed that there are only five per cent of HGV Class 1 drivers under the age of 25 in the UK, both male and female. Of this figure, those who are female is negligible.

Jodie's dad and director at ISM Waste and Recycling John said:
"Jodie has worked with us here at ISM since leaving school." "She has watched us all drive the vehicles and obviously thought she may as well give it a go herself." "We have always encouraged her and we’re delighted that she wants to continue to be involved in our family business."

Jodie now goes out driving larger vehicles for ISM as well as helping to run the busy office on site.

See the whole write up in the Bury Times here -PDF image Bury Times News Publication

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