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Employers' Liability Insurance Details

Employers Liability Insurance is a type of insurance policy that protects an employer against legal liability for injury or illness sustained by their employees in the course of their employment.

All businesses need this type of insurance in the UK, and it's designed to provide financial protection for the employer in the event of a claim made by an employee.

The policy covers a range of potential liabilities, including injuries in the workplace, illnesses caused by work-related activities, and any other type of claim that may arise during employment.

The insurance provides financial support to the employer, helping them to meet the cost of compensation claims and any legal expenses that may be incurred in defending a claim.

Having sufficient Employers Liability Insurance in place is essential to risk management.

It helps to ensure that ISM Waste & Recycling is financially protected against the cost of employee injury or illness and provides peace of mind for both the employer and the employees.

You can see our employers' liability insurance details here. For any additional information, please call us on 01706 823001.

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