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What is Your Waste Carriers Licence Number?

A waste carriers licence permits individuals or companies to transport waste as part of their business operations. Waste carriers' licences are issued by the Environmental Agency in the UK and serve as proof that the carrier is authorised to transport waste.

A waste carriers licence is required for anyone who transports waste as part of their business, even if they do not generate the waste themselves.

The licence is essential for ensuring that waste is transported safely and complies with local, regional and national waste regulations.

It's also used to track waste movements to help prevent illegal tipping (fly tipping) and other forms of waste crime. Companies that operate without a waste carriers licence can face strict penalties, fines, and further legal action.

ISM Waste & Recycling is a fully licensed and compliant waste management company; our upper-tier waste carriers' registration number is CBDU96892.

You can download a copy of our Waste Carriers Licence here.

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