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How do Recycling Rebates Work?

Recycling rebates are a way for our customers to reduce their waste disposal costs even more by getting money back for the recyclables we collect from you.

The process is simple:

  • Collection: We collect recyclables from customers, whether that be plastics, paper, cardboard or metal or all of them.
  • Sorting: The collected materials are sorted into different categories based on their type and grade.
  • Processing: The sorted materials are processed back into raw materials that can be used to make new products.
  • Rebate calculation: A rebate amount is calculated based on the weight and market value of the recyclables.
  • Payment: The calculated rebate amount is then paid back to the customer or taken off their waste disposal costs.

Note: The specific details of the rebate program, such as the materials accepted, the payment amount, and the payment frequency, may vary. We recommend speaking to our customer service department for more information on the recycling rebates program in your area.

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