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How high can I fill a Skip?

Overfilling the skip is illegal and can result in additional charges or fines and create safety hazards during transportation.

In the UK, the maximum fill level for a skip is typically up to the top of the sides of the skip, but this can depend on the skip you hire and the type of waste you're disposing of.

Only filling a skip to the top of the sides ensures the skip can be safely transported without any waste spilling out during transit. Overfilling a skip can result in additional charges or the need to remove some of the waste before the skip can be collected.

For example, a 6 yard skip is the largest that can be filled with heavy waste such as soil or hardcore. Hiring a larger skip would mean you couldn't fill it to the height of its sides because it would be too heavy to transport.

The maximum fill level can vary depending on the size, type of waste and other factors, so it is important to check the rules for your specific skip size when you hire a skip.

With just a bit of planning using our skip size guide and assistance from our team, it's quite easy to avoid overfilling your skip. If you are unsure how high you can fill a skip or have any questions about skip hire, don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team for assistance on 01706 823001. Our team will help ensure you get the right skip for your project.

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