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Wheelie Bin Sizes for Commercial Waste

ISM Waste & Recycling offers several sizes of wheelie bins for commercial waste disposal for all commercial waste and recyclables. We offer a comprehensive range of waste management services and bin sizes to suit all business types and sizes.

Wheelie bin hire is a flexible, cost-effective waste management solution for many businesses. You can hire any number of bins to best suit your needs.

The sizes we offer include:

  • 240-litre bin: Ideal for small businesses with limited waste generation.
  • 660-litre bin: Suitable for small to medium-sized businesses with average waste disposal needs.
  • 770-litre bin: Ideal for medium-sized companies with higher waste generation.
  • 1100-litre bin: Suitable for large companies with substantial waste generation.

Note: The specific bin sizes and availability may vary depending on local regulations and company policies. We recommend contacting our customer service department for more information on the wheelie bin sizes offered in your area for commercial waste.

You can speak to our team to learn more about our wheelie bin services and what would suit your business best. Please call us on 01706 823001 for more information. Alternatively, email us at or fill out the form on our contact page.

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