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Free Cardboard Recycling Skip: Helping the Environment and Supporting the Local Community!

ISM's free cardboard recycling skip

At ISM Waste & Recycling, we have a role to play in protecting our environment and giving back to the community. One way we're doing this is with our FREE-to-use cardboard skip.

ISM Waste & Recycling is going the extra mile by providing the Ramsbottom community with a free and convenient way to recycle cardboard and turning those recycling efforts into support for local charities and good causes.

Simply bring your cardboard waste to our recycling centre at Kenyon Street Works, and we will ensure it is properly recycled in our state-of-the-art recycling facility. All the proceeds raised from recycling the cardboard are donated directly to worthy organisations and initiatives in the community.

It's a win-win for the environment and our local Ramsbottom community! By recycling, you can reduce your carbon footprint while making a difference for some great causes.

There are loads of great benefits to recycling cardboard. Recycling cardboard reduces our reliance on new raw materials. This helps reduce deforestation and conserve natural habitats. By recycling just one tonne of cardboard, we save around 17 trees! Cardboard recycling also has a lower carbon footprint than manufacturing new cardboard from virgin materials. Recycling your cardboard uses around 75% less energy and 50% less water.

For more information about our cardboard recycling scheme, get in touch on 01706 823001 to learn more and how to get involved. Let's all do our part and recycle that cardboard!

Location: ISM Waste & Recycling, Kenyon Street Works, Kenyon Street, Ramsbottom, BL0 0AB

Recycle responsibly and support a great cause with ISM Waste & Recycling!

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