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Why is Waste Management Important to UK Businesses?

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Every business produces waste, and whether you are a large business or a start-up, your waste will need to manage and disposed of by a licenced waste management provider.

A waste management company like ourselves aims to remove any waste produced by businesses in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Effective waste management services provide a lot of value to businesses; here are some of the top reasons.

Comply with UK Waste Laws and Legislation

The waste duty of care is essentially a legal requirement for businesses to make sure any waste produced by commercial operations is dealt with responsibly.

The law requires anyone producing waste to store it safely, make sure it's dealt with responsibly, and it's only given to businesses authorised to take it. You'll also need a paper trail in the form of a waste transfer note.

These legal expectations ensure that businesses are operating safely and not harming humans and the environment. In severe cases, not meeting these expectations will result in penalties such as fines and potentially a revoked trading licence.

Managing waste can be very overwhelming for a business to carry out on its own, and that's where we come in. As a waste management company, we take care of the whole process to make sure that you meet these requirements and take the hassle out of your waste to focus on the core operations of your business.

For more information, read our complete guide on the waste duty of care.

Recycling Saves Your Business Money

Using professional waste management providers can seem like an extra business expense that you'd rather not have to pay. However, with our recycling-led waste management services, we recycle over 90% of all the waste that we collect from our customers.

By recycling and diverting waste from landfill sites, waste management prices can be much lower. Landfill tax is the main reason that waste disposal can be expensive. At £97.80 tax on every tonne your business sends to landfill, the price can soon mount up, but these costs can be avoided by recycling.

Waste is a Commodity

Baled recyclable plastic and cardboard

Waste produced by your business can be a valuable commodity to help reduce your waste management costs further; your waste can have great value when recycled correctly.

For example, wood, paper and cardboard and especially scrap metal are commodities that we'll pay you for to further reduce your waste management costs. Depending on your type of business and waste streams, the value of your waste could be equal to waste management costs, so essentially, your waste management could cost your business very little each month.

Preserves Natural Resources

Because much of your business waste is recyclable, it's essential that it actually gets recycled to ensure that we're conserving natural resources and protecting the planet.

Many natural resources are used to produce items we use daily, such as fossil fuels and ores. By increasing recycling and reducing the reliance on virgin ores and materials, your business can help preserve our finite natural resources.

Waste Management Services Save You Time

Whatever your business's main goal is, whether it's the products you sell or your services, you want to focus on it as much as possible. If you had to deal with all of your waste yourself, you would likely have to dedicate a lot of time to that.

Outsourcing your waste management to a professional provider like ourselves means you get to spend more time focusing on what really matters to you and your business goals.

Aligns with Customer Values

Most people care about how environmentally responsible companies are these days, and businesses that show a clear commitment to being environmentally friendly are very appealing to your potential customers. According to a study by Deloitte, 34% of consumers have chosen brands that have environmentally sustainable practices.

Effective waste management can mean that your business has the potential to become and zero waste to landfill company which sends a powerful message to your customers.


A professional bespoke waste management solution for your business first and foremost ensures that you comply with all UK waste management legislation.

Outsourcing your waste management also saves you time to focus on what really matters to your company and your business goals.

While it sounds like it could be expensive to hire a waste management company, we can actually help to reduce your costs by recycling your waste and diverting waste away from landfill sites. Recycling reduces costs, but it also helps protect the planet and its natural resources, appealing to many of your potential customers.

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