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  • 16th May 2019

11 Great Tips for Reducing Your Waste!

Waste can be problematic for a number of different reasons. The two most noticeable issues are the fact that our waste pollutes the environment and uses up Earth's limited natural resources.

It's essential that we all do our part by reducing unnecessary waste and, recycling. These tips are a great place to start

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  • 1st May 2019

Surprising Recycling Facts You Didn't Know - [INFOGRAPHIC]

Recycling is essential these days, but you will be surprised how important it really is. Our infographic shows some shocking facts that you probably didn't know

We have put together a infographic to show some interesting facts and statistics about the waste industry, how to recycle better at home, and how important recycling really is in the UK

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  • 12th December 2018

Made in Bury Business Draw Winner

On Wednesday 12th December we surprised the 32nd winner of the Made in Bury Business Draw.

Congratulations to this weeks winner Julie Moran from ISM Waste & Recycling. The Made in Bury Business Draw is a not for profit initiative that was set up to create funds for small businesses in the local area.

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  • 7th November 2017

Peel Tower Firework Clean Up

Firework Remains Cleared From Around Peel Tower

As you may have seen some people left their used firework display waste on top of Holcombe Hill without any consideration for the environment or this important local community landmark. Waste management and recycling are what we do best and we couldn't simply stand by and allow it to remain like that.

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  • 28th May 2015

A Defibrillator for the Community

Defibrillator Available to Neighbouring Homes and Businesses

ISM Waste and Recycling have spent £2,500 on the equipment and have secured it in a vandal-proof box outside its main gate in the town's Kenyon Street. Those who wish to use the heart defibrillator in case of an emergency will be given the four digit code to the keypad once they contact the ambulance service.

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  • 9th August 2013

Jodie's Not Your Average Trucker

The Daughter of ISM Operations Director John Allen Appeared in the Bury Times!

19 year old Jodie Allen recently became one of the youngest female lorry drivers in the country. She has just passed her LGV C+E driving test joining an elite and select group of women who can drive vehicles up to 44 tonnes.

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  • 2011

ISM Take Delivery of FMX Volvo Truck in the UK

The First Two Volvo FMX Trucks to be Ordered in the UK Have Gone Into Service With Lancashire Based Waste Recycling Company ISM.

ISM Director John Allen Jnr first saw the Volvo FMX at its UK launch in the Midlands in September 2010 and was sufficiently impressed by the higher ground clearance, three individual front lights, improved mirrors and front and central mounted front and rear towing eyes.

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  • 2011

Important Changes Relating to Waste - (England & Wales) Regulations 2011

A new piece of legislation has been implemented that will change some requirements of Duty of Care.

As of 28th September 2011, the changes will be implemented throughout England and Wales. We ensure we meet the correct standards in place. Read the article to find out what the changes being made are.

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